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Paris boasts two spots on the list of the top 10 places in the world to propose according to one study admittedly, one of them is Disneyland Paris and the city has long been a top spot for Valentine's getaways and newlyweds. And is the reputation well deserved? Even in modern films set in Paris, the city is given a golden glow - the Paris of "The Devil Wears Prada" is a whirl of glamour and beauty in contrast to the bustling New York where the film begins. What is any romantic occasion without good food and drink? Combining traditionally elegant or cosy restaurants with the backdrop of romantic architecture, you can see why dinner for two in Paris is an appealing thought for many couples. ... Read More
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During the Renaissance, Swiss mercenary soldiers were considered among the best in Europe. Pope Julius outfitted his new guard in yellow and blue, the Rovere family colors. His successor, Pope Leo X — , added red to the uniforms to make red, yellow and blue, the colors of his own family, the Medici of Florence. Originally the Swiss Guard wore various types of head gear. Wide brimmed hats, as well as padded leather caps and metal helmets, have been depicted in period art. ... Read More
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The popularity of MTV itself was rocketed into the stratosphere by a clip so good that it defied antiquated, racially biased ideas of rock music programming. Here are his 20 best, with stories of how they came to be. By Christopher R. It was so loud that they couldn't really talk, so they had to let the music tell them how to behave. David Kellogg, director: We found this rat-infested, abandoned, bombed-out armory in a neglected neighborhood in Chicago. ... Read More
Porn addicts look at and use porn compulsively, despite consequences that include:. For many addicts, the stress is so extreme that it can affect their physical and emotional health. Alcoholics drink and drug addicts use for exactly the same reasons. As with drugs of abuse, pornography triggers a chemical response in the brain that feels pleasurable. Over time, porn addicts learn to abuse this naturally occurring reaction in the same way that alcoholics and drug addicts learn to abuse alcohol and drugs, intentionally triggering the pleasure response with pornography and sexual fantasy. ... Read More
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All rights reserved. In my book, the lighter one travels the better, and that extends to underwear. The verdict? The Quest boxers also have an anti-microbial treatment that keeps them reasonably fresh even after degree days. They dry quickly after a rinse or wash, giving you plenty of opportunity to take just one pair and still embrace good hygiene even if it goes against your dirtbag instincts, and the wide waist band and flat seams supplement the comfort. ... Read More