Arrayed before Vernacchio was a circle of small desks occupied by 22 teenagers, six male and the rest female — a blur of sweatshirts and Ugg boots and form-fitting leggings. Other stuff? While these kids will sit poker-faced as Vernacchio expounds on quite graphic matters, class discussions are a spirited call and response, punctuated with guffaws, jokey patter and whispered asides, which Vernacchio tolerates, to a point. The classes are still going strong, though in the late s, the program was replaced with another one without explicit images called Our Whole Lives , a joint project of the U. But by the end of the s, sex ed had taken its place in the basket of wedge issues dividing the right and left. ... Read More
Sometimes the key lessons in life are learned at the oddest moments. One lesson in particular comes back to my mind at least once per week, as I push forward on my entrepreneurial endeavors and help other entrepreneurs do the same. The lesson comes from an obscure movie, Force 10 from Navarone. This is a movie I first saw on a Sunday afternoon on TV as a pre-teen, and a dozen times again on TV over the next many decades. Force 10 is a WWII film about destroying a bridge, which quickly turns into a movie about destroying a dam to destroy the bridge. ... Read More
For some of us, there is no amount of self-love or body-positive work that will inspire passion and sexual chemistry in our partners. Knowing that can be incredibly hard on our self-esteem and on a whole host of relationships. Good relationships have challenges, no matter how well-partnered people are. For both people, that fact can create heartbreak and a sense of failure, which can lead to isolation, anger, and crisis. I married someone who was a good match for my sexual appetites but, because of medical emergencies and life-saving medicines, my husband lost that part of himself. ... Read More
Add to Cart. The bra features sexy lacing at the centrepiece and the sheer tulle beautifully enhances the bust. The ultimate bra for seduction, giving the bust a rounded, plump shape for an open and sexy cleavage. Something as fierce and bold as this bondage-inspired-strapped, open cup bra is meant to be shared, shown off, whispered like a sweet nothing, or even shouted from a rooftop. Ladies, if you got it, flaunt it, or better said ... Read More
What to do with mom What to do with mom 1 min read
Sure, mom will always appreciate a thoughtful present , but Mother's Day isn't about how much money you spend. In fact, the greatest gift of all may be spending quality time with her. Not sure how to plan the perfect day? Check out our list of the best Mother's Day activities. Whether you treat her to a massage or take her on a casual hike, one of these ideas is sure to create memories that she'll talk about for years to come. ... Read More